INTRODUCTION The following conditions apply to the sale of Sudzfun merchandise and related point of sale goods and materials. No alterations or additions to nor exclusions of, any part of these conditions shall be valid in law unless specifically agreed in writing by a director of the company. Nothing in the buyer’s Terms of Purchase shall override cancel or modify any of Sudzfun Standard Conditions of Sale.
PRICES & TERMS OF PAYMENT Invoices for products supplied by Sudzfun shall be paid in full prior to delivery unless either a) The Buyer has an approved credit account with Sudzfun or b) Exclusive terms are agreed in writing between the Buyer and by a Director of Sudzfun. An application for opening a credit account with Sudzfun shall automatically confirm the Buyers agreement to adhere to Sudzfun Terms and Conditions. Where a Buyer has an account, payment will be made within 60 days of the invoice date unless specified elsewhere. If payment by the Buyer is delayed, the Buyer shall pay to Sudzfun interest on monies outstanding at the rate of 2.5% per calendar month or part month on the balance until payment. Sudzfun may at its discretion close the Buyer’s account at any time and any balances due shall be paid immediately by the Buyer to Sudzfun. If Sudzfun needs to engage the services of a credit collection agency due to late or non payment, the buyer will be liable for the fees incurred by the collection agency. An invoice will be raised for this fee at the time the collection agency services are engaged. All trade prices are subject to VAT at its current rate.
RESALE OF THE PRODUCTS Buyer shall be free to resell Sudzfun products at prices that the Buyer may see fit with the exclusion the right to discount or offer reduced point of sale promotions. At no point shall the products be defaced by price tickets/stickers they must be positioned in a manner that does not affect the front visual appeal of the product and not cover the ingredient information or brand logo on the reverse.  The Buyer shall not resell Sudzfun products to a third party seller or agency. Sudzfun does not operate a Sale or Return policy unless specifically agreed in writing by one of its company directors. All Sudzfun soap and cosmetic products are labelled to UK Cosmetic Regularity standards inline with UK Statutory Instrument (SI) Product Safety Regulation 2019  with a batch date that depicts the manufacture date, it is the responsibility of the trade client to ensure items are removed from sale and may not be resold once the date has been reached in most cases this will be 24 months or as labelled, we recommend the dates are checked on a regular basis.  The Buyer shall hold Sudzfun harmless and indemnify and defend Sudzfun from and against any liability resulting from the above.
PAYMENT METHODS Sudzfun accepts international trade payments by Bank Transfers only.
SUPPLY OF GOODS If Sudzfun agrees to hold products expressively for the Buyer or accepts a Purchase Order from the Buyer this constitutes a confirmed sale and the Buyer is bound by the Terms and Conditions of sale and will be invoiced for the products. Sudzfun will not accept trade returns on products ordered incorrectly. The Buyer is a company duly organized and is qualified to do business and in good standing will remain in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in the conduct of its business and, specifically, in its sale of the Products and provision of any services.
SPECIFICATION OF GOODS It is the Buyers responsibility to examine the goods upon receipt. Claims by the Buyer for shortages, or damages in transit are to made in writing within seven days of the date of the delivery. The Products will be as presented to the client with the understanding that variances may occur between batch formulations both in colour and fragrance due to the nature of the product itself. Materials and workmanship will conform with all specifications, laws and regulations governing the manufacture and supply of its products.
LIMIT OF LIABILITY Sudzfun will not be responsible nor liable for any consequential loss, damage or injury caused by its products unless the specified incident is proven to be a cause of negligence on behalf of Sudzfun.
FORCE MAJEURE Sudzfun will not be held liable for loss, damage or injury in relation to its manufacture and supply of products due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control such as in the event of earthquakes, fire, accidents, floods, storms or other natural influences,  failure by third party suppliers, transportation couriers.
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Sudzfun owns in full all rights pertaining to Sudzfun Ltd Co: 8348546 Registered in England and Wales, including, The website content is protected by European, UK and US trademark legislation on copyright and intellectual property. All reproduction rights are reserved including iconographic representations, photographs of Sudzfun products and designs, images, sound, video clips, logos, in-house styling, software and database without this list being exhaustive. Trade clients are only to use product imagery available and supplied by Sudzfun for the purpose of selling or promoting Sudzfun products on online shopping platforms. The reproduction of all or part of this website on any medium is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorised by Sudzfun Ltd by means of written agreement by a company director or by specific social media invites  from Sudzfun as to promote and share our products amongst the social community which can be found on relative products and images.
TRADEMARK Buyer shall not dispute or contest for any reason, directly or indirectly the validity, ownership or enforceability of the Sudzfun trademark, nor directly or indirectly attempt to acquire or damage the value of the goodwill associated with the registered Sudzfun trademark, nor counsel, procure or assist any third Party to do any of the foregoing.

  January 2024